Tuesday, September 30, 2008

As Long As My $9.43 Is Okay...

**Last night's show went well.. I'm starting to conquer my nerves a little more, and I had fun! And thank you 12Kyle for being a great co-host!

I know I said I'd do an "After The Show" post every Tuesday, but I just found out that the Blog Talk Radio site has an option to post a blog... so now every Tuesday you can leave comments on the previous night's show over there.

Here's today's link:
Monday Musings After The Show

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Monday Musings- Sports in the News

Now back to our program, already in progress...

Can someone please explain to me why people are losing their fucking minds over the House not passing that bailout BS?

And what does it mean for the Dow to "plummet" by 700 points? Because it sounds kinda bad.

And wait- so what does that mean for my TIAA-CREF money? Oh hell nawl- are they messing with my TIAA-CREF? I *KNEW* I should have emptied that bitch out when I left The Waco School for Girls... UGH!!!

But seriously, the happenings on Wall Street are not my area of expertise at all. In fact, it's like a whole other language to me, one that I'm not sure I'll ever truly grasp. I don't have any investments anywhere, and not too long ago ING closed my savings account due to inactivity (the bastards!)- so it's just me and my checking account and my debit card.

So what is all the broo-haha about?

And why are McCain and Obama tryna act like they actually have the power to turn this mess around?? Even *I* know that the president has no say on economic shit; look at Bush's face next time he's talking about these bailouts, and tell me if it doesn't look like he's thinking "I hope the American public can't tell I have no power over this situation..."... that mess is a cycle: sometimes it's up, sometimes it's down... like the tides or my moods.

McCain and Obama need to stop lying to the people as if they can do away with these troubles by simply being sworn in. And Bush... man, he just needs to just GO SOMEWHERE already... TSK TSK... shame on all of you!

And while we're on it, if Bush wants to just GIVE AWAY $700 billion dollars, he can send the check to Raquel I. Penzo, or direct deposit it into my account at BOA... I'm sure he knows the account number... spying bastard...

*smooches...wondering if this is only be a rich folk problem*
but I figured I'd ask just in case I need to get into "survival mode" and hoard food and supplies like Grandma used to...