Wednesday, September 03, 2008

We Interrupt This Blog... inform you that The Jaded NYer is in a deep, deep depression, and nothing you say can snap her out of it, because...



Yes, her cuddly, snugly little eight-year-old Schmuckin LaWooken, within a year's time, will most likely... OH GOD WE CAN'T EVEN TYPE IT...

develop... BREASTS!

*falls down dead*

They went to the doctor, to inquire about a worrisome lump on Ns left side. The Jaded NYer spent most of the night crying her eyes out thinking the worst- (The Big C)- and she didn't fall asleep until maybe 4AM. But the lump, the doctor informed her, was nothing more than the child, the lil baby girl, developing.

We (The Voices) are not sure how long The Jaded NYer will be in this coma, so for the time being we will be speaking on her behalf.

We appreciate your time and patience. And prayers. (Even if she is a heathen)

*smooches...because that's how she usually ends her posts*
(I think she also ads a post script after the smooches)
(really? what does she write?)
(I'm not really sure, but I've seen her do it)
(should We add one?)
(not unless we have something to say... if you ask me it's just a bullshit gimmick)
(dammit, Clementine, I think your mic is still on)
(oh crap!)