Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Some Wednesday Musings

I'm up to 15% today; my boss left me alone, touched base with a school chum, and had fries for dinner. Oh yeah, and I picked up my sheets from the laundry- all folded and clean and shit- AND Kelly's books arrived.

So on with our regularly scheduled program, already in progress...

The Best Thing About Lani... that she always has new and inventive ways of cracking me up. At the recent NYC Bloggers' Brunch in the City (you can see pics on Eb's and The F$%k It List's pages) she pulled out her camera to take a picture.

And it was encased in a sock.

MANNNNNNN, I ain't NEVER laugh so hard. The best part is that she's so GANGSTA with it!! Damn I love that girl!!

So Long Shea!

Unless someone wants to show their appreciation for this blog in the form of Mets tickets, Sunday's game was my last time ever at Shea Stadium.

*tear drops from left eye*

It was an interesting game, mostly because of the bunches and bunches of Phillies fans in the house. I was like WTF? Who let them in? So you can already imagine there was a ruckus in the stands

and evil chantings of "Phillies SUCK!" and "Overrated" whenever Rollins was at bat, and the tons of "BOOOOOOs" throughout. And god bless her, N was up there booing with everybody else! OOH that's my baby.

K was busy working on her second book 'cause she's not really into sports like me and N. Yeah, you read correctly- SECOND BOOK. 'Cause that's MY baby, too.

Oh- and did you know Kid Rock was a Phillies fan?

But want to know what else was special about that night? Besides the fact that Johan was pitching (and won!) the game?

And the fact that early on, the Phillies coach got thrown out for arguing with the umpire? And that Delgado knocked the shit outta few balls, like the power hitter that he is?

We got a Johan Santana bobblehead at the gate- they were giving one to every kid that night. WOOHOO!!! I finally got my man!!

So okay... all jokes aside... who's taking me to the home games vs the Cubs later on this month? Stop playin and buy the tickets already!

Y'all Thought I Was Joking About That Nekkid Shit

When K called me to say the books Kelly sent had arrived- and that the box was heavy- my workday just zoomed by in a flash. I only had one thought on my mind: GO OPEN THAT BOX!!

After I looked through all those lusciously new books, bindings intact, fresh, unread titles, I think I heard a choir of angels singing "Joy to the World."

As a way to pay it forward, I will be offering up some of the titles, after I read them of course, to you guys next week. That's right- I'm pulling an Oprah on y'all and will try and get you to read more muthafuckin books.

Stephanie Meyer Has My Baby By The Throat

K has read Twilight and New Moon and Eclipse at least three times each because she loves them so... and she refused to read anything else until she got a hold of Breaking Dawn (which I just bought for her last night). She even went so far as to working around the apt on Saturday to earn the book. Like for real.

I think she inherited an addiction to reading, sort of like a crack baby, only with books instead. My poor baby... if her father and I hadn't been so busy reading in front of her and to her, we might have been able to spare her this fate.

But alas, every night, while her classmates are probably glued to their TV sets and Nintendo Wiis, K is on my bed. Reading a book.

I blame myself...

*smooches...wondering if you caught that backdoor compliment I just gave myself*
I guess now I have to take her to see the movie, too...