Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm Gonna Ferociously Hold On To This One Thing.

It's a well known fact that I am uber-psyched about the fact that I am no longer married to C. And that is the gods-honest-truth.

However, he's still the father of my kids so I can't just disregard his existence like I want to, because my babies' well-being depends, in part, on his well-being. So I play nice. I'm starting to wonder if that has to also extend to his new girlfriend.

Here's the deal:

While we were married, we started this little "tradition" of taking the girls to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. And if you've never been, you have to go at least once because it is an AWESOME show and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Rockettes and *sigh* it reminds me of when I wanted to BE a Rockette... but I digress...

We take them every year. Yes, we still take them. We get dressed up and go to the show together.

Last week he sent me an email and asked if we should continue to take them, because it appeared to him that K was losing interest.

I didn't want to be upset and jump to conclusions, but his email reeked of the new girlfriend. And if that's the case...

*clears throat*

"Excuse me, hon? Yes, hi, how are you? That's great. Listen, not to cut you off or anything, but let me please remind you of something... YOU chose to become involved with a divorced father of two that first and foremost, before anything else in this world, has an obligation to his daughters.

You were not there to see them fall the fuck apart when I told them that C and I were getting a divorce. I can still actually remember very vividly every painful moment of that day.

This tradition that we started is the one thing they can count on every year from the both of us, and I'm not about to sit here and let you talk in his ear about maybe it's time to stop going. I really hope that is NOT what's going on.

I really could care less about the two of you, but when my babies are involved, you'd better believe that that claws come out.

We ARE going to the Christmas Spectacular this year. Period.

And although I was fine with you inviting yourself to N's birthday party, you are most definitely NOT invited to the show with us. Have C take you another day because this is a FAMILY AFFAIR, and I'm sorry to be the one to tell you, but family of mine you ain't.

And YOU *points to C* do me a favor, get your balls back from her for a minute and realize that it is NOT okay to bail on this show. At. All."

And FYI- I asked K if she is actually tired of going to the show, and she looked at me like I slapped her face, saying "NO! OF COURSE I want to go to the Christmas Show! It's so much fun!" So, yeah, I wonder whose bright idea skipping the show was...

*smooches...wondering where some people be getting the damn nerve*
and even AFTER he puts a ring on her finger, she's STILL NOT INVITED to the show. How 'bout that?!?!