Monday, September 29, 2008

Not So Mixed Right Now... And Other Musings

Tune In Tonight. Again.
This week's show is the Sports Edition of my ongoing "In The News..." segment. Well, at least it will be ongoing as the show marches on (the last Monday of every month). If it made the headlines we might just talk about it... and by "we" I mean me and that knucklehead 12Kyle:

So tune in, call in, heckle us... just whatever you do- go easy on the Mets talk... my wound is still very fresh. OH- and if you're a Brewers fan, don't even bother calling 'cause I *WILL* hang up on you. HMPH!

Not So Mixed Right Now
I enjoyed this summer as a carefree (not really) curly-haired girl thanks to the wonderful makers of Mixed Chicks-

Shout out to the ladies at Mixed Chicks who read my blog post praising their sent-from-heaven products and sent me more products for FREE!!! I was tempted to give them away here via a contest but then was like... um NO because I want it for myself. I wrote the post, not you... go to Ricky's like I did and get your OWN!

I'd also like to shout out my girl Kathe for sending me the full product line from Ouidad- the curl master- for me to sample and enjoy. I use the Balancing Rinse conditioner, Climate Control heat & humidity gel and Botanical Boost spray-in conditioner on alternate days to help reinforce my Mixed curls.

Oh man... I had a great time not dealing with heat and harshness and rollers and hot irons this summer, and finally had the get up and go hair I've dreamt about in forever.

But, um, now that the temperature keeps dipping below 80, I can't tolerate the constant chill of going outside with wet hair. *SIGH* So I blew my hair out this weekend. I'm a little sad to see my curls go, but, it had to be done. I just can't stand to be cold all the time.

Lady Ballers Are BEASTS
Yowza!!! I went to my very first New York Liberty game on Friday with C and the girls (got free tickets from N's after school program) and HOLY CRAP!!!

I used to think I was tall but you know what? I'm not... one of those "chicks" on the Detroit Shocks? Yeah, she's 6'6". And #4 on the Liberty, Janel McCarville?? I think she could take C in a fight, and he's a big dude!

The best part of the game, besides the fact that we won and that the co-ed cheerleaders, The Liberty Torch Patrol, featured this wiry dude I named Sisqo, was N cheering her little heart out in the stands. N is a total sports fanatic! That's my baby right there... I mean you should have heard her, screaming "DE-FENSE" at the top of her lungs; just... such a thing of beauty!

Drug Experiment Gone Not So Good
Saturday night I thought to myself: "I wonder what would happen if I took one of these muscle relaxers and followed it with some sleepy time tea?" My girl L tried to warn me not to try it, but I always have to do things the hard way...

Well let me tell you what happens when you mix those two things... it's pretty similar to being under anesthesia, where you're kinda sorta aware of your surroundings but not really able to move your body. It was like that time I smoked that fucking kush weed and I didn't know it was kush and HOLY MOTHER FUCKING CRAP I thought I was going to die, except I wasn't all paranoid this time.

Not cool!

Needless to say, I stopped smoking after the whole kush incident, and now I know not to mix two relaxants together EVER again.

Thesis Non E Finito
I worked on my fakakta thesis this weekend... only to find that it needs more than a weekend's worth of work.


I just want to be done with this bitch already but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO... it has so many things wrong with it. It will take me at least a week to fix it, especially because I have to read a whole other book now to replace one section of the paper that has no business being there!!!


The good news is, thanks to our friendly neighborhood Jews and Rosh Hashanah, I don't have babies until Wednesday night, so I can work in the library away from my computer and its lure of Season 4 of The Office, and get some of the research and re-writes out of the way.

At least the fiction portion of the work is done. If I still had that to do I *surely* would have to take to a clock tower somewhere...

*smooches...wishing I could just relax for a long time*
oh and by the way, in case you didn't know... I HATE writing essays, and this BLEEPITY-BLEEP BLEEP thesis will be the death of me.


But, special thanks to BAM for sending me that Rashaan Patterson mix (THANKS, GIRL!!)... his voice is helping me get through this work!