Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Drum Roll, BITCHEZ!

Here, at long last, is the DEBUT of MONDAY MUSINGS w/THE JADED NYER & FRIENDS:

Click Here For My Show!!

It took me a minute to edit it and get it right, because as previously mentioned, Mari and I are dorks who stayed on the line after the show had stopped streaming, oblivious to the fact that we were still being recorded!!

Yes. I, The Jaded NYer pulled a Jesse.


My mic was hot and I was too busy patting myself on the back to notice!

After sweating about it and checking to see what tomfoolery we were caught on tape saying, I finally heard back from Blog Talk Radio's customer service who oh-so-kindly let me know that this was, in fact, fixable.


Because god forbid you all know how nervous I was and that my hands were shaking the whole time. Or that Mari was regretting that she didn't ask clnmike for some Purple Drank because to us, when you mention Georgia, we automatically think of "syrup."

Crazy, right?


And just a lil FYI for you, coming soon on The Jaded NYer... I'm working on an online store. Actually I'm working on understanding how to make one and have it available to y'all. It will most likely launch in November, just in time for the holidays:

Because nothing says, "Merry Christmas, Grandma" like an "IN YOUR FACE, RUSSIA!" TShirt* from Jaded Tees.

Jaded Tees. That has a nice ring to it.

*smooches...definitely feeling at about 75% at this point...*
...thanks, in part, to all of you.

love you lots!!!

*thanks to Jack for the TShirt slogan... we make a great team!


clnmike said...

Making big moves, I like it.

One Man’s Opinion said...

For the record, I knew that the sixteenth was Mexican independence day. HA!

Super Dave Van Buren said...

I actually listened to the show yesterday complete with your off air ramblings... lol

Urban Thought said...

Is your radio show available as a PodCast?

Jaded Tees works... Run with that.

The Jaded NYer said...

@clnmike- trying, although not really sure how far I want it to go... I have wayyyyy to many skeletons in my closet to get too big! talk about tabloid scandal- YIKES!! lol

@one man- you must live in an area w/ a high concentration of Mexicans. Like maybe in America.

@super dave- NOOOOOOOOO!!! You heard all the shenanigans and tonfoolery?? *face gets red*

@urban thought- I believe you can download it from my BTR page and listen to it on iTunes and any other media player... it saves as an mp3

Qucifer said...

I'd prefer a bit more ghettofied, like so:

In YO Face Russia!

JACK said...

oooohhh - I like qucifer's suggestions. YO. *hugs quicifer*

LMAO @ superdave ... she went from 75% back down to about 60 with that one. LMAO

Don said...

Good luck on everything, R.

The Jaded NYer said...

@qucifer- very nice... I'll make some edits... for that, you get one complimentary shirt!!

a donde te lo mando?!?!

@jack- callate before I air the outtakes and put you on blast, carajo!

@don- thank you; I appreciate that :)

Qucifer said...

OH HAYLE YEAH I wants it mami I do I do , make it smedium and sessy!

The F$%K it List said...

Oh yeah! I thought I was the only one doing t-shirts. Mine so far have all the rude things I say on them. I just need a name for my little company. Something rude ofcourse.

Ok and I will take a In yo face russia t-shirt in small. Let me know when it all takes off so I can rock it

JACK said...

hode up, hode up - did you just threaten me?!? I'm not even asking for royalities! *mumbles*

f$%k it - post a contest on your blog for a company name - should be fun.

The Jaded NYer said...

@qucifer- send me a priv message with an address where to send it:

@the f$%k it list- I'm setting the grand opening for November 1st...

as for a name... um... yeah, forget it. it's after 10; my creativity is shot lol

@jack- oh, you only want royalties? I thought you had a stake in the company.. but, no, if all you want is royalties... :D

The F$%K it List said...

Hmmm the irony of you, your t-shirts making fun of people debuting on November 1st, All Saints day.

@Jack OK I'm gonna get some names together than post a contest.