Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Lot Of Drinking, A Lot Of Dancing

It seems that a wave of "funk-dom" has befallen the NYC Bloggers lately, and I'm thinking we're gonna need to drink all that shit away.


Here's the deal, though... I know some of you would rather NOT come out to Brooklyn *coughEBcough* but honest-to-god we have some really hot parties out here.

I propose, for the next meeting of the great NYC Bloggers, we hit up my absolute favorite dancing spot in the world, BEMBE. Now, my boy DJ Medina is not spinning out there until the 18th, but I already have plans that night.

There's nothing saying that one of the other DJs can't hold it down, though, so I say, if everyone's schedule is open, OCTOBER 4th we all meet up at Bembe sometime around 12AM. And if you feel so inclined, we can get something to eat beforehand, too.

Bembe plays Afro-Brazilian/Cuban, reggae, merengue and salsa, has no cover and reasonable drink prices. I cannot promise any cuties because a lot of "gentrification" has overtaken Williamsburg, but it's always a fun place to just dance and drink and dance and drink!

But I must warn you- don't think your cute hairdo will last for more than a second at this place. It's small and hot but OH SO MUCH FUN! Trust me. You'll lose ten pounds on the dance floor in one night!!

*smooches...overdue for some good fun with some cool chicks*
make sure and spread the word around so no one feels left out and comes back over here cursing me out!