Friday, September 26, 2008

I Had To Start Eating Breakfast Because...

So my eating was getting out of control.

I'm what's called an "emotional eater" and when I'm stressed I eat, but when I'm down I don't.

Lately I've been more stressed than down, and now my pants are kinda snug. Actually, no, not kinda, VERY... my pants are VERY snug.

For a teeny, tiny, split second, I entertained getting a jump start on losing weight by doing one of those cleansing fasts or whatever they're called, but then I remembered that I like eating real solid food.

So then I figured, I'll just eat less calories... which became a problem because I normally don't like to eat breakfast, so by the time lunch comes around, my stomach pulls one of these numbers:

and I'm forced to eat more in one sitting than I normally should. It's become a serious problem.

Finally, my other internal organs begged me, "for the love of GOD, woman, EAT BREAKFAST... our very lives depend on it!!!"

So now I do. I ate breakfast all this week.

I mean, who wants to deal with a cannibalistic, homicidal stomach? How do you even explain that to the cops? Yeah, I'm too pretty to go to jail...

*smooches...wondering how much longer I can keep this up*
I really loathe eating in the morning. it just doesn't seem natural... and who's hungry at 7AM? not me, that's who... but everything I read on nutrition says eating breakfast is important, so, ARGH!!! I'm eating the fakakta breakfast...