Monday, April 13, 2015

Don't Be Loud AND Wrong!

I'm coming out of fake retirement to share a little bit of Classic Jaded Ranting just for you.

There's a certain audacity and sometimes even an ostentatious quality about some 20-year-olds that you won't notice until you're older. K says it's condescending of me to think a 20-something can't have conviction or original thought, and meh, maybe that's true, but the fact is that with age comes experience and a broader perspective on things. So sometimes when I hear a 20-something try to preach or "drop knowledge" I always want to respond with "OK, sweetie." But I don't.

A lot of times I recognize their behavior for what it is--a product of youth and idealism. And listen, I've been there so I get it and it's wonderful to look through those glasses. But I'm sorry (not sorry), I'm entering my 40s and I know better.

This weekend I attended a perfectly lovely gathering with just such a 20-something who, in my opinion, wanted to shove her idealism (or opinions or whatever you want to call it) down everyone's throat, and her method for doing it was LOUDNESS, ala Kanye West. Just talking over everyone (most times as if she's reading from a rehearsed script) and not taking a minute to listen to the points being made, not realizing that she missed the point completely, and just plain ol' being in her feelings.

When people get like this around me, I've learned that there's always an underlying reason for the behavior. In this case it was a combination of copious amounts of white wine and a troubled and/or abusive childhood and marriage, as well as a desperate need to be applauded and validated (why YES, I did take psych 101 in college! How could you tell?). So I let her cook.

In the end I hate that I didn't leave before it got incredibly uncomfortable (honestly I thought it would pass!) because quite frankly, I'm too old for this shit. I've got but so many days left on this earth and it will NOT be spent listening to youngins with baggage and hurt feelings unloading their burdens on me. I'M NOT THE ONE. I barely sit still for my family's #HurtFeeFees.

Also, she ruined my red wine buzz, and goddammit, that's where I really draw the line!

Still, it gave me this story to pass on to you, sooooo, I guess there's that...

*smooches...and still not here for the bs*
listen, I'm quickly approaching my Fuck-It Fifties; warn the masses!