Friday, September 05, 2008

I'm About To Dominate Your "Airwaves"

I had crazy fun co-hosting a segment of "Say What Now...?" with Classy Deeva on Blog Talk Radio, and after many encouraging words from friends and family, I decided to launch my own show.

So this is the official notice. If you do not listen to my show, the friendship will officially be on the rocks and I'm not even playing!

WHAT: Monday Musings with The Jaded NYer
WHEN: Monday nights at 11:00PM starting September 8th
WHY: Why? Muthafucka... what you mean WHY? because I'm the SHIT and you know it. So just listen and stop frontin' like you won't have the lotion and tissues by the bed while my voice wafts in through your monitor speakers...

First up... INTERNET DATING! Ahh yes, that topic we all speak of in hushed tones as if we were divulging the details of a wild night on the farm with some barn animals. But are all secretly doing it... so stop lying and DEE-nying and let's just talk about it already, shall we?

Jack will help me facilitate...

You can check out my Blog Talk Radio profile here for more information on upcoming show segments, and I swear on all that is holy and unholy on this here earth- if y'all stand me up... OOOH lord help you...

*smooches...thinking maybe this ad campaign came out all wrong*
maybe what I meant to say was: please listen; I'd be ever so grateful!

and don't laugh at my flyer... my photoshop skills are a work in progress... just be happy it wasn't a bunch of stick figures n shit! lol