Friday, September 19, 2008

First Ever Jaded Book Giveaway

In my effort to topple Oprah as the bestest paid female media mogul of color, I'm going to just outright BITE OFF HER and try to get you all to read more. Apparently, folks tend to think highly of people who give back or something...

And thanks the the free Box O' Books I received from Kelly last week I'm in a position to do so.

The first book up for grabs is titled, "Girlbomb: A Halfway Homeless Memoir" by Janice Erlbaum.

The jacket reads: At fifteen, sick of her unbearable and increasingly dangerous home life, Janice Erlbaum walked out of her family's Brooklyn apartment and didn't look back... A wry, mesmerizing portrait of being underprivileged, underage, and underdressed in 1980s New York City...

And NO it's not about anyone I know, but I've read the first few chapters and so far and it's pretty interesting. I'll be done with it by the end of the weekend so this is how long this giveaway will last. I'll even post my review over at Stranger Than Fiction.

This time I won't make the contest all about me- after all, we're talking about literature here, so let's try and be a little bit high-brow and act like we have some sense.

The rules are simple: I'm going to feature a passage from a major literary work below. The first person to correctly identify it and its author in the comments section will win the book. If no one gets it then, oh well, I keep the book or give it to my local library:

---After they had eaten, Ralph and the biguns set out along the beach. They left Piggy propped up on the platform. This day promised, like the others, to be a sunbath under a blue dome. The beach stretched away before them in a gentle curve till perspective drew it into one with the forest; for the day was not advanced enough to be obscured by the shifting veils of mirage. Under Ralph's direction, they picked up a careful way along the palm terrace, rather than dare the hot sand by the water. He let Jack lead the way; and Jack trod with theatrical caution though they could have seen an enemy twenty yards away. Ralph walked in the rear, thankful to have escaped responsibility for a while.---

I know, I know, it's not a TShirt or a calendar or an autographed photo of me, but books are our friends! So play along, okay?

Otherwise I'll have to post THAT video again... don't make me... I will...

Okay, okay.. you've been a patient and good audience. I won't repost the video, but I *will* reward you with THIS blog post someone sent me on Twitter. Enjoy!

(WARNING: post is NOT safe for work)

*smooches...looking forward to a very productive weekend*
K has a HS fair at my Alma Mater, I'm working on my thesis, and then I'm meeting The Girls for a run in the park.

Me. Running.

I know, right?!

I'll be sure and take pics of me in the ambulance AND in the emergency room...