Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Book Club, Old Pimps And Some Tunes

It was one of those days for me yesterday- allergies were kicking my butt, so everything else I tried to write for today didn't quite work out.

This is the very rare "off the cuff" post, so enjoy this precious gift.

Some very literarily (yeah, I made it up, AND WHAT?) inclined bloggers started an online book club, and I encourage all of you to sign up for it.

Now that I'm out of school I'm totally missing the whole intellectual vibe I used to get sitting in on workshops. It's one of the main reasons I'm pressed to go to graduation each year- to see my writer friends (hey y'all!!!) and get that old magic back... every time I come away from it with a new story idea.

The first book we will be discussing is The Secret Life of Bees which I've yet to read but I can't wait to get it.

Visit their our blog for more details, The Bloggers' Book Club and if you need a reason to, let me give you a refresher:


You know I'm not always dressed to the nines or anything; clothes have started to mean less and less to me since I moved back to Brooklyn, and NO not like that you pervs, so far be it from me to make fun of someone's attire.


When you step out of your house in a dark turquoise zoot suit- YES, I said ZOOT. SUIT.- and pink cowboy boots with the pants tucked into the boots, a pink cowboy hat AND a pink, metal cane... I mean, it's like you're ASKING for me to talk about you!

Just be glad that I respect my elders... and that I didn't have my camera with me because you soooo would have been put on blast, old timer!


I usually put songs I'm feeling over at my other blog, but today I'll give you a bit of a treat.

Today I spotted one of my old Freestyle mix CDs that this kid made for me back when I worked at Horace Mann and I popped it into Ns boom box. Guess what song came on as I chatted with Minnie real quick on the phone (much to her chagrin)?

(was there anything better than freestyle in the 80's? I think not! lol)

Afterwards I came out of the room to munch on something and a song came on Ks yahoo music player that reminded me of this song

(it always take me back to HS when I was totally into classic rock. how funny that now this is all that K will listen to...)

And just for kicks, because I can't get enough of Skeletor, here's the song I play on repeat until I hear N yell from her room, "AGAIN?!?!"

(check the deep percussions when the chorus first hits... DAMN every time I hear it I lose my mind!!)

*smooches...hoping the rest of the week goes by quickly*
oh and I finally got Ks report card (we never picked it up in June) and although she went down two percentage points in her overall average from where she was last fall, she still made it out of the 7th grade with a 91 average.

hopefully that is enough to get her into the HS of her choice!