Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I Should Just Hand Y'all A Co-Pay...

...because the kind words and concern are just as good as therapy.

This is just a tiny update to let y'all know I'm a little bit better because:

1- a bunch of you left nice/funny comments or called or IMd with offers of mind altering treats, prayers, hugs, someone to talk to and of course, the best ever: free food.

2- I have a lead on a bike, a folding bike, with 26" wheels and I can go see it/buy it on Wednesday at 7PM. I have chills just thinking about it.

3- The shrink agreed with me, emphatically, that I need to leave my job post haste, because it is absolutely making me physically ill and depressed.

4- I finally saw "The Bicycle Thief" and realized what people were talking about all these years. This movie was so freakin' good that even K fell in love with it, and she's a moody 13 year old!

5- Longtime reader and all-around cool BK chick Kelly just informed me that a box o' books is on its way to me. As in a whole box of free books. I think when they get here I'm gonna spread them out on the bed and roll around on them nekkid as the day I was born...

So even though I'm only about 7% better, it's enough to keep me from beating the old lady from next door with her stupid walker... I just don't like how she looks at me... I feel like she's calling me a ni**er under her breath every time I pass by...

*smooches...realizing why it is that I blog*
all this love and affection should be illegal!