Thursday, May 01, 2008

Twenty-Two Days And Counting: Oakland's New Eye Candy

So obviously I didn't watch the NFL draft last week, what with no TV in my house and all, and the fact that I find the NFL draft to be the most boring event ever cooked up by the powers that be, but I looked it up online right afterwards to see who picked who and WHAT DID I SEE?

This handsome, sexy, drool-worthy draft pick out of Arkansas... Darren McFadden. Look at this cutie:

And those GUNS:

And he cleans up reeeeaaaaallllll good, too:

Mmmmm, I want me some of THAT!

And since today is the official kick-off of The Jaded NYer's Birthday Month, I feel like someone reading this right now should arrange a lil meet n greet between the two of us.

Just introduce us; I'll take it from there [insert maniacal laughter here].

*smooches...thinking I may have to take a trip out west real quick*
or maybe I'll check him out when the Raiders play the Jets this year...

in other news, my neighborhood sux ass! My poor baby has killer allergies and all of the drugstores by me closed at 9PM. Stupid bastards! What is this- Communist RUSSIA??