Monday, May 12, 2008

Eleven Days And Counting: Too Hot for DC

I'm calling this entry "Too Hot for DC" because, well, I spent probably like 10 minutes tops within DC city limits... As soon as my bus (which was too hours late and had me and my babies waiting in the rain) FINALLY arrived in town my sister whisked us off to Alexandria...

So here goes...

First and foremost, you'd think I would have learned my lesson from the last time I took the crazy bus down to DC, but noooooo! Those damn buses keep calling my name with their low, low prices. Well, those low, low prices had me waiting in the rain on Canal Street with some cast-off gay man from Project Runway for nearly two hours. Did I mention it that it was raining in NYC Friday night? No? Well it was raining Friday night in NYC. And cold. And raining.

But we got to DC at like 2AM where Mari was waiting for us (god bless her lil heart!). I was so out of sorts from the red-eye, I was up until almost 5AM. This insomnia is for the birds... I might need to rethink my position on sleeping pills. Either that or get a man who could put me to bed right proper. But I digress...(hi Minnie!)

Next day, Mari is all hyped to take me to her Zumba class at Bally's, which is this Latin dance/aerobics class she's been raving about for months. I tried my hardest to get out of it-- "I didn't bring my sneakers," and "I don't have a sports bra," and "I didn't bring workout clothes."-- but each time I was presented with said items; my mom lent me her sneakers, and Mari had a bra and gym attire for me to borrow. Foiled again!

Boy did that class kick my butt! I mean, I know how to dance and all but that class was like dancing with 50lb weights on. The instructor, Jenny, was this 5-foot-nothing Dominican spitfire who weighed maybe 6lbs WET, and it was all I could do to keep up with her! But I can't lie- it was fun. My arms are killing me as I type this, but it was fun. Anyway, here's me and Mari cheesin after class (I blame the endorphins):

And here's the close-up of my red and sweaty face, as proof that my lazy-ass did, in fact, work out, because I know y'all don't believe me:

Afterwards, we hung with the fam a bit before getting ready for the Glow in the Dark Tour out in Bristow, VA. And let me just say that Kanye is a DEE-VA, okay? He had so many restrictions on what you could and could not bring to the show, it was like he thought he was Prince or something!

But whatever, Mari and I were ready to go... and looking too, too fly:

And since I like to catch my sister on film acting a straight fool, here's her lil impression of B.I.G. She had me crackin' up all day with this shit:

At the venue I had to note that a lot of the audience members were annoying. Like the white rasta who was really pissed that he didn't get to smoke weed before the show. And why do I know this? Because he said it all loud on his cell phone. I think I was supposed to be impressed:

Then there was the dude in the "nebulous" jacket (you had to be there) and Justin Timberlake cabana hat who was such a freakin poseur that I almost threw up. And don't even get me started on the trillion sets of those stupid white sunglasses that littered the crowd, or the ladies who wore stilettos to a show to stand on the lawn. The muddy lawn. Every time we saw them, Mari and I would just say, "Now you know..."

The show was awesome, though. We missed Lupe Fiasco *sniffle sniffle* and N.E.R.D. doesn't really move me (ha ha- pun intended), but Rihanna was hot and Kanye, who's never been my favorite artist, KILLED IT, okay? Mari and I sang and danced and booty-shaked (well, she booty-shaked... y'all know I have no booty) all night long. Even though I was sore from Zumba; I took off my shoes and just partied like it was 1999.

Then Kanye performed "Hey Mama" and I fought back tears (damn you, Kanye!) but then he brought the party back with "Touch the Sky" and all was good.

Here's Mari's review (and I apologize for her Valley-girl-ese... we caught a contact high from the stoners parked next to us in the lot). It's kinda dark but whatever, I ain't a pro yet:

Leaving the parking lot was a BITCH, what with all 29,000 fans trying to leave at the same time, so we tried to make bets on when we'd get out. It was 11:09PM; I bet 12:40 and Mari thought 12:35... the prize was mom's left-over chili that was waiting safely in the fridge, but we both lost. We were on the road by 12:20, and according to Price is Right rules, the winner had to be close without going over.

Next morning, K ate the chili... greedy heifer... *sigh*

*smooches...trying to figure out how and when I'll be able to see Lupe perform live*
thank you Mari; I had a BLAST! until next time :)

>PS- don't Mari's dimples look sooo cute in that car shot?? She's single, fellas, so holla if you know what's up!