Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Two Days And Counting: Deep Cleansing Breaths

Mid-week report... hot off the presses...

Money, Schmoney
I have to wait until May 30th to get my tax refund. I'm stank. Why come when the IRS wants their money it has to be NOW NOW NOW, DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT YOUR ECONOMIC STIMULUS CHECK, but when they owe me I have to wait 10 business days? Bitches, man, all of them.

(just kidding... don't audit me... love you guys... wonderful job you're doing there...)

And I was able to settle with two of the credit card people. Just two more to go. Yes, FOUR, okay? Don't act like I was the only one. And that AU Perkins Loan will soon be a thing of the past... bringing my new student loan debt down to a mere $73,000. Piece of cake. No problem.

*wonders how many shifts at Scores she'll have to pick up to pay off Uncle Sam*

Go North, Young Lass
Cali was a no-go, and Cathi's offer to relax in Maine was not the kind of devilish, paganistic raunchiness I was looking for for my birthday/holiday weekend. Enter Nina. Ahh yes, the Queen of Debauchery herself. She always tries to downplay it like we're just gonna chill at this lounge or that, grab a bite, hang out, catch a show, but the next thing you know I'm at the Canadian border hoping they won't shine the flashlight directly into my eyes. Sounds like fun, right? Fighting with border patrol?? Yup, that's why I'm heading to Massachusetts for my birthday.

Good thing I have a passport!

Oh lord... who can stay mad about some stupid Ghana trip with all the HOTTIE McHOTTIE SAILORS all over Lower Manhattan? Thank everything holy on this earth that I no longer have a nanny to cover for me in the evenings, otherwise I might've ended up pregnant by Friday!

And don't even ask me what Fleet Week is, okay, cause you're just gonna piss me off with your sub par knowledge of NYC. Google that shit.

Oye Hermanas!!
Cool link about a Latina Blog Tour; I hate finding this shit out after the fact!!

Let's try and be included up in that bitch next year, mmkay?

If You're In The Mood To Party...
I finally settled on what to do to celebrate my old age in the city. If you live here, you're more than welcomed to come out. If you'll be visiting the city next weekend, absolutely stop through. And this goes for readers & lurkers alike. You know you want to experience this Jadedness up close... you ain't got tah lie, Craig, you ain't got tah lie..."

Just be at Moe's in Ft. Greene, BK (80 Lafayette) anytime after 10PM on May 31st and chances are you'll see me in there acting a fool on the dance floor and trying to keep from bursting out of my top (every year, man, never fails... sigh...). Email me if you need more info.

*smooches...putting on a happy face whether I want to or not*
oh, and everybody go peep Mari's awesome "I Am" poem over at Stranger Than Fiction. It runs in the family... don't hate...