Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Three Days And Counting: Ghana Can SHOVE IT!

You can probably guess from the title... I didn't get the scholarship. Found out Monday afternoon in the same instant that a friend emailed me about getting into the grad program that she applied to.

So of course I was going to post about how angry and pissy and hurt and disillusioned and whatever other feeling I was feeling about not going to the Literary Forum in Ghana, which by the way- the scholarship was all-expenses paid...

But the Universe checked my pity-party-throwin' ass and reminded me that it is not the end of the world. This Ghana thing was a long shot; I would've had to have either quit my job or taken a leave without pay in order to attend. Plus there is always next year. So I was sad for like twenty minutes, even went to have a small cry, ranted to Jack and Mari, and now I'm done.

So don't bother with apologies or condolences and stuff like that because instead I'd like you all to take all that love and positive energy and direct it towards a really good friend of mine who needs it more than I do.

She's the sweetest, most awesomest friend ever who deserves nothing less than everything and I love her to bits. She's going through a bit of a stressful situation and I just want her to know that no matter what she rocks and that will never change. So I'd appreciate the favor.

Love you girl. Everything will be okay.

*smooches...sending more love and good vibes than I've ever sent before*
if you don't mind, I'm going to close comments. just keep her in your thoughts for me.