Saturday, May 03, 2008

Twenty Days And Counting: In My Dictionary, Pt. 4

The fourth in a series of vocabulary lessons, this installment deals with a term with which you might or might not be familiar:

The Side Eye: also called "looking at someone sideways" describes a look you would give a person who's acting a fool, just said something ridiculous or ignorant or is just plain getting on your last damn nerve.

I use it here a lot. And in real life, too. See...

Don't ask me WHO on Gary's side of the family was deserving of this :side eye: at his and Irene's wedding, but the photographer caught it on film. Undeniable proof that my stank attitude knows no bounds.

*smooches...not at all ashamed that this photo was taken*
meanwhile, there were a few humorous shots from this wedding... more shots may resurface at a later date :P