Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ten Days And Counting: Alumni Weekend... And Other Musings

The Big 3-3
So, people, only TEN freakin days left until I turn 33... for those wondering: "What do you get the woman who seemingly has everything?"

I'd like CASH.

Or John Cusack's phone number.

I don't really drink that much anymore, especially not in my apartment, so don't bother with the liquor. In fact, I STILL have a full ass bottle of whiskey crying for my attention at home. Every night I have to tell that bastard to shut the hell up:

JD Bottle: Ra-queeeeel... you know you've had a shitty day... come over here and take a few shots...
ME: Can you PU-LEESE be quiet?? I will NOT stoop to drinking alone. Again.

I thought about not having any celebrations in the city because I'll be flying out to California for the long weekend, so there won't be any time for a right proper par-tay, but then I got an email from a club promoter asking if I wanted a free birthday party. I'm sorry, did you say FREE?

*runs off to check the fine print*

Pero nadamas dime cuando y ya! I'm sure I won't have to twist any of my girls' arms to grab a quick drink at a place with comped guestlist and all (you know you want to... Lani, Irene, Evelyn... I'm lookin' at you...). And Marcin- you owe me a whole shitload of drinks, so make sure you open up your schedule. Bring your wallet. And my CDs, dangit!

Titi Gloris has already dangled the almighty sancocho in my face, so the family celebration is covered. And do you know she actually had the nerve to ask if maybe it was too warm for sancocho. Is she new? It went down like this:

Titi Gloris: Hey Rocky, Will it be too hot to do Sancocho for you for your birthday?
ME: Too hot for sancocho? NEVER! I'd eat sancocho in Santo Domingo in August if someone offered it

Attention All Bloggers of Color
...and those who love us...

Check out the navigation bar to your right and click on the Blogging While Brown Conference button. I'll be making an appearance; not presenting or anything, just going to network and get informed... one step closer to Dooce-like stardom and *hopefully, eventually* self-employment! It's the first time they're putting this together so hopefully it won't be too crazy... you know how these things have to go through growing pains before they're 100%, but I'm going, even signed up to volunteer and helped with the press releases. I have a serious problem saying no; I need to work on that!

Plus I've never been to the ATL so I'm excited about that... I'm half hoping to run into T.I. or Luda, and maybe even serendipity will reunite me with my Cali fling. The possibilities are endless!!

And I expect you Atlanta-area bloggers to show this Jaded NYer some good ol' fashioned Southern Hospitality, or I will talk bad about you on my blog. You know I will! You can shower me with gifts like your mom's homemade fried chicken and cornbread, a tour of the city, stuff like that. Don't get put on blast, OKAY? You've been warned.

Alumni Weekend? Um...Maybe
Y'all are about as tired of hearing about my thesis as I am writing about it. Part of me feels like it's never gonna get done. Another part of me says, "CHILD, you borrowed $40K from Uncle Sam to get that fakakta degree, you'd BETTER do those edits!" And yet another voice reminds me that I will not be able to send CUNY my application for the PhD program next year without an actual confirmed Master's degree. *sigh*

No need to lecture me. It's on my to-do list. And now that I've gotten this email from other FDU alums to give the heads up about the residency in August, I'm all verklempt! And speaking Yiddish, to boot! I want to go and see my friends and see them graduate and all that, but of course I can't show my face on campus until all my work is signed, sealed and delivered.

So... who wants to be a dear and finish my thesis edits for me?? C'mon... anybody?? Please??? Just name your price... I'm open to any and all offers...

Attention All Music Lovers
Fresh off the heels of my Glow in the Dark Tour adventure, I've got the concert itch again! When my FAT PHAT tax refund check comes in, after I handle a few financial responsibilities, I thought I'd treat myself to one fun thing... like the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Tennessee!! WHO'S COMING WITH ME???

It's a lil pricey, and I'd have to *gulp* camp out, but hello... LUPE FIASCO, METALLICA, PEARL JAM, CHRIS ROCK, STEPHEN MARLEY... need I go on??

The link is here. Check it out, and if you're down, email me and lets get this shit together post haste!! Because with any luck Damian Marley will make a surprise appearance and I can go ahead and BLEEP him already!

On Pins And Needles
I still have not heard about the literary forum in Ghana. Why are they torturing me?? I need to prepare myself for the finagling I'll have to do with my boss in order to be out of the office for the entire month of July. Something tells me it won't go over so well.

Like maybe when I come back there'll be some NYU graduate named "Sarah" sitting in my seat who's a real hard worker and loves working in PR and actually dresses up and combs her hair for work. Bitch! I hate her! Who the HELL does she think she is, sitting at MY desk??

And I KNOW she did not try to steal my Barry the Bee Happy Meal toy! OH NO SHE DIDN'T!!! Dammit, that's it... Lani, hold my earrings...

*smooches...trying to tame the crazy so as not to scare the newbies*
I've noticed a few new names here and there every once in a while, and probably detect the scent of lurkers... that's cool. The more the merrier :)