Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I Have A Weak Spot For Rastafarians

I don't know what it is about them, but Rastafarians have always made me swoon. The dreads, the accent, the beards- I can't explain it. And of course, living in Brooklyn I'm surrounded by them (holla!).

I tell you this as a preface to the third and last installment of the birthday festivities in New England.

Sunday morning, er, afternoon, Tia (Nina's mom) fed me well! Homemade beans, rice, con-con (that's the crunchy part of the rice at the bottom of the pot... whatchu know about that? huh?), spaghetti (only in a Dominican household- rice AND spaghetti) salad, maduros... and pork chops.

Now, I don't eat swine no more, not for a long time now. But my Tia was up all day cooking something, and I knew Nina didn't eat meat, so... I took one for the team and ate it. My stomach hated me for it, but I ate it.

A few hours later we were headed out to hear a reggae band at Mike's Harborside in Newburyport. That place was hella crowded but soooo much fun. And your girl here was scooped up within a few minutes of being there. True, dude looked like that alien baby on "V" (remember that TV miniseries with Marc Harmon and dude from the Freddy Kruger movies, Robert Englund?) but dancing is dancing. And no, ain't no pictures of that fool... I have to draw the line somewhere.

Here, instead, is a cute pic of me, my Lava Gina tshirt, Nina, and some of her drunk friends:

I feel like a giant in this pic LOL!

And on the sly, I did tape 21 seconds of this drunk woman dancing... she stayed cracking me up the whole time we were there:

OH and chiiiild!!! We saw this one black chick- just pretty as can be, nice shape, tall, could probably get any man she wants. You know who she was with? Some old-ass white dude. Can you say, Anna Nicole? And yeah, I'm hatin'. So what??

I also have pictures of the cute, Rastafarian bass player in the band (Hot Like Fire- who actually lived up to their name!). My girl out in LA has already stated her opinion- he looks a hot mess- but she also despises dreadlocks, so I don't pay her much mind.

And Nina was nice enough to get him to take a picture with us. 'Cause I was too chicken to ask myself. Yes, me. Chicken.

After the show we went up to New Hampshire to, what? Meet up with Cathi! So I never got to go to Maine but I did get to see my girl! Plus, her dear sweet boyfriend agreed to watch her babies while, what? We PAR-TAY next weekend!! Man, if Celia weren't with child, I'd fly her up and reunite The Rowdy Girls fo sho!

We met up at the Portsmouth Brewery, which was pretty much like the Harvest Brewery, where we had snacks, desert and a beer sampler. Plus loads of laughs! Nina even found a cute bolero at a quaint lil shop... for TEN DOLLARS! There was a matching fedora, but Nina has a shopping addiction, so I really couldn't allow her to purchase it in good conscious.

All in all, I had a blast. Monday morning Tia made me a typical Dominican breakfast (platanos, salchichon, fried eggs w/onions... no cheese though... I told her it was cool...) and then we scurried to catch my 1:00PM crazy Chinese bus back to NYC. My lovely city... want to know how it welcomed me back?

"Ladies and gentleman, we're sorry for the delay. We're being held here momentarily because of a sick passenger at Smith and Ninth Street. As soon as we get the signal we should be moving shortly. Thank you for your patience..."

Bitch-ass F-Train...

*smooches...wondering what THIS weekend will bring*
okay... now that that's done, can anybody explain to me WHY I'm hearing reports of thunderstorms for Saturday?? BOOOO to you, Mother Nature! BOOOO!

And thank you to Tia and Nina for putting me up, driving me around and feeding me :) Love you guys to bits!!