Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Don't Care If I Never Get Back

Thanks to a promotion by the Dominican American National Roundtable, I took Papi and my babies to the Mets game last night.

If you look at my Twitter updates you can see my play-by-play of all the action, but long story short- we WON, 5-4 in the 11th inning. And best of all... my boyfriend Johan Santana was the starting pitcher, PLUS he got a base hit!!

While I recognize that Shea is one of the UGLIEST baseball stadiums on the planet, I'm sad to see it go *sniffle* I saw my first game there oh so long ago- I was in junior high on a class trip; I forget who we played but it went into overtime and the chaperone decided we had to leave early. Did we win- that I can't remember. It was either something like we were winning in the 11th inning as we left the stadium, but when I got home and checked the score we'd lost, or vice versa. I love my Mets, but knowing them, it might have been the former ;)

Either way, here's my visual account of the game:

Johan, the love of my life

Beltran, the other love of my life

The big board

The beautiful field of dreams

One of my famous, shiteous crop jobs with the Minolta

N and her mismatched socks (I can't get her to stop doing that, so I don't even bother anymore)

N and her "crazy eyes"... I can't get her to stop doing that, either!

The Pirates scored right out the box... we were not amused...

But then we came back and took the lead, and it was all smiles

However, it was, umm, roughly -2.7 degrees outside, so we left at the top of the 6th. We tried to wait until the seventh inning stretch, but I was dealing with an elderly man and a young girl- not cool to let them get cold. But it's okay, though. I'll be back.

We've already planned to attend the May 29th home game, and maybe even the July 25th game that includes... wait for it... MERENGUE NIGHT!!!

Anyone care to join us?

*smooches...glad that I resisted the urge to sneak into the locker room to molest Johan and Carlos*
but really the only thing that stopped me was the fact that Papi would have never allowed it...

Title courtesy of Jack Norworth, "Take Me Out To The Ballgame"