Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Friday Never Hesitate...

Today is Friday, as far as I'm concerned, because originally I took a long weekend to go on a mini-vacation that did not pan out.

I considered "putting the days back" and just going to work, but you know what? No. I don't like that place, and any opportunity I can possibly grab to stay away, I'll do it. Nothing can get me down today, no siree Bob! I'm gonna finish up a week's worth of work in one day, clean off my desk and then put up the peace sign as I sashay into my loooooooonnnnnggggg weekend. If I even see a 212- area code callin' me I'm not answering. I'm on vacation, suckerz, so leave a message at the beep. BEEEEP.

This means that while everyone else is slaving away at their 9-5 prisons, I'll be on my couch, in my flannel PJs, blasting The Cure or Ani DiFranco from my iTunes player (it's been that kind of year) and/or enjoying a scary movie marathon that will include The Exorcist, Scream, and maybe the first Elm Street flick... um, can somebody come over sometime this weekend to make sure the devil hasn't taken over my body...again?

I'm also popping into the 2nd Avenue Whole Foods to FINALLY FINISH MY THESIS EDITS, fix up the story I'm entering in the fiction contest of the Ghana literary forum my professor is organizing, and complete a few freelance assignments that have piled up on my desk. Cha-CHING!

Then I'm gonna hit up Bally's at least three times, and perhaps the hip-hop party at Southpaw (hey, NYC bloggers... are you thinking what I'm thinking? Meet-up at Southpaw?). Oh- and isn't it First Saturdays at the BK Museum? Shiiiit... I'm about to live it up on this FOUR DAY WEEKEND!

Oh, do you not have a FOUR DAY WEEKEND like me? Awwww. Too bad, so sad...

*smooches...just asking to have my mouth slapped*
I wouldn't be too jealous, though... it's rent week, so it's not like I got money to burn or anything...LOL

PS- Happy First Birthday, Miss Olivia ;)

Title courtesy of The Cure, "Friday, I'm In Love"