Sunday, April 13, 2008

So What If Right Now Everything's Wrong?

Happiness is...

...smelling the faint perfume still lingering on Grandma's fan
...huddling under my quilt with the babies watching old sitcoms on
...a steaming bowl of sancocho with a plate of white rice when it's hella cold outside
...finding a check in the mail; payment in full for a job well done
...a roof over my head in a quiet & safe section of Brooklyn

...still having options
...five good songs in a row on my Pandora station
...a Saturday with no kids, no commitments, no chores
...shutting off my cell phone
...reading Martha Stewart Living from cover to cover

...pajama weekends at my mom's
...clean towels that smell like Downy
...Strawberry Fields, the Great Lawn, and the Shakespeare Garden
...fantasizing about relocating to Oxford
...really loud heavy metal, really smooth R&B

...walking to the Häagen-Dazs on 7th Ave
...smelling a baby's neck after you give them a bath
...playing records for the babies from "back in the day" and wings from Blasdell Pizza *drool*
...John Cusack movies, Stephen King books, 80's and 90's sitcoms, old boleros

...looking in the mirror and being okay with who looks back at me

*smooches...just because the weather is a-changing*
feeling a lil better after yesterday's rant; sorry I had to be on here showin' my ass, but sometimes even Jaded NYers need to blow off some steam.

Title courtesy of Sheryl Crow, "If It Makes You Happy"