Monday, April 14, 2008

...Que Dulce Fue Tenerte Dentro...

(In order to enhance your reading experience, play this song.)

I had the sweetest dream about an old lover. Not the kind where you wake up and say, Damn I miss them, but rather the kind where you wake up and think, Damn, I gotta find that again.

I was going to go into all the details here, but no, I want to keep this for myself. I want to bask in it and smile all day at this little secret something that only I know-- this really wonderful dream that had me cheesin' upon waking up, humming a tune as I did the girls' hair, walking to work with a lil pep in my step.

This is either the beginnings of the up-cycle of my fake manic depression/bi-polarity or I may be on the cusp of the cusp of being open to someone new.

Enjoy the tune :)

*smooches... seriously thinking about petting a dog or doing a cartwheel or something*
it might just be the weather; Spring is making me all romantical and shit...

Title courtesy of Bebe, "Siempre Me Quedara"