Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"Next Year, Baby"

You know what time it is... that's right homies, this is the post where I recap all the ups, downs and side to sides that happened in the Jaded NYer's life.

First I want to thank you all for reading and commenting and giving me a reason to write shit down everyday; it's nice to be appreciated and I'm truly humbled by it.

Sooooo, 2008, man, it was crazy to say the least. You ready? Let's roll...

January: I made this list of "promises" to myself that I did not keep, like getting fit and ordering less takeout and what not. PFFT, who was I kidding?!

Favorite post-- Racial Profiling On The F-Train

February: THE GIANTS WIN THE SUPERBOWL and two days later I'm at death's door. Coincidence? I think not... you know, C just happens to be a Jets fan...

Favorite post-- Hey There Number 57

March: Oh, Spitzer... how interesting you made my March... I can't even thank you enough. I believe I got like FOUR awesome posts out of your foolishness. Client #9 indeed!

Favorite post-- In Case You Didn't Know

April: This month my posts all seemed very life-reflective n shit, and I got a little gimmicky with the whole, song-lyrics-as-titles thing, but most importantly, fellow Dominicano extraordinaire Junot Diaz wins the Pulitzer for his novel, The Brief, Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. Have you read it yet?

Favorite post-- Cada Dia Pienso En Ti

May: Lordy lord lord... my birthday celebrations were HERETOFORE, okay?! I partied in NYC AND in Boston, 'cause I gots it like that. And my liver? Yeah it has yet to fully recover.

Favorite post-- What It's Like To Have A Good Relationship With Your Ex

June: I got my 3rd tattoo and the party of the year is in... Springfield, Massachusetts? Yessir, you'd better believe it, and it was the most partiest party of all time.

Favorite post-- My Autobiography Would Sound Like This

July: This month I revisited another slight obsession of mine- being a redhead! Ever since I saw The Quiet Man as a kid I wanted red hair like Maureen O'Hara, so I went to MariJosie and got me some. And admit it- you all loved it!

Favorite post-- Feel The Wrath Of God

August: I went to some idiot neurologist for my headaches and it ends in pure disaster... long story short, he did NOTHING for me. Oh, and I met C's girlfriend because he brought her ass to N's birthday party.

Favorite post-- Sign O The Times

September: Monday Musings w/The Jaded NYer & Friends launches on Blog Talk Radio with me n Mari talking 'bout Dominicans and Haitians and why we can't/don't/won't get a long. And my family of inanimate objects grows by one: I (finally) got a bike!

Favorite post-- I Had To Start Eating Breakfast Because...

October: I took on the idea of religion and Christianity in one of my posts and was totally amazed to so so many co-signers... and no lightening fell from the sky or anything! See that, Sister Dorothy? You were WRONG!

Favorite post-- I Wish...

November: Holy Shit- a Black president. Can you just DIE? I had zero faith in the dude, seriously, but he proved me wrong and I commend him. He did the damn thing. But more importantly- Eden Elizabeth McKenzie was born on Thanksgiving Day.

Favorite post-- My Concession Speech

December: This month was also very reflective for me... I realized '08 wasn't all I wanted it to be and fell into familiar self-destructive habits. But with a little help from my (family and) friends, I made it to the end in one piece. Thanks, y'all!

Favorite post-- No Mas List Of 2008: 10 Latinos Who Need To Give It Up Already

My dear lovelies, it's been an absolute blast!! I can't tell you enough times how blessed (yes, I wrote blessed... just DEAL, okay?) I feel to have you all in my life, even if it's mostly virtual and not actual.

Isn't it amazing how Blogger brought us all together?

From all of us here inside Raquel's head at The Jaded NYer, have a Happy, Prosperous New Year, and please be safe out there, have a wonderfully festively time, and I'll "see" you next year, baby:

*smooches...looking forward to another year of greatness on this earth*
I want nothing but success from and for all of you, so get to work! And after we've conquered the world, let's throw a big-ass party to celebrate how freakin awesome we are, mmkay?

I'll bring the Brugal :P