Wednesday, December 24, 2008

'Tis The Season... spend more time with my family and less time with this blog attached to my hip like an unruly 2-year-old.

Yup, I'm on another mini-break.

But I promise- if you come back on December 31st for my end of the year post, I'll make it worth your while.

But before I take off into the holiday night, I want to take this moment to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Festivus, and all that good shit.

I especially want to give GINORMOUS THANKS to:

Brother Omi
The F$%k-It List

For being very awesome co-hosts during the first season of Monday Musings w/The Jaded NYer & Friends. You were all really great, came prepared, made me laugh, made me think and kept me going even after I wanted to quit the show.

I look forward to next season as we continue with both the Child Rearing and Evolution of Hip-Hop series, and even tackle some toughies like race relations and the immigration debate. Oh yes, I WILL take it there. Also I'm including LIVE artist interviews and literary highlights... I'm bringing it all to you in '09. Stay tuned!!

So from all of us here inside Raquel's head at The Jaded NYer, please have a safe and happy holiday, and I pray the Universe brings you everything you need to be successful and happy in life.

Until we meet again on the 31st...

*smooches...reveling in the thought of this extra long break*
In case you don't see me around the internets too much and start to go through Jaded withdrawal, know that I'm only an email away:

love y'all