Tuesday, December 16, 2008

World Baseball Classic, Anyone?

Considering that it's PMS Week at my house, my kids are getting on my last nerve AND I was not able to get my cajun fries this afternoon (can you believe the Dept. of Health shut down the Popeye's near my job?!) I think last night's show on dealing with toddlers, with Jack as co-host, went pretty well.

Except for the part where BTR shut off on me for no reason... WTH was that about? Damn computers... anyways, feel free to check out the archived segment here, and leave me a comment on the BTR blog. Gracias!!

Now on with the show:

WOO HOO... It's back: The World Baseball Classic!!

Last time I was a bit peeved with Team Dominican Republic, but it's been a couple of years, and just like I forgave Beltran for not scoring in the bottom of the ninth in that last game against Florida in 2007, I forgave my compadres for losing to Cuba in 2006.

In March the first round of games begin; Team DR will be playing The Netherlands in Puerto Rico and I kind of want to go. First off I've always wanted to visit PR and second... Helloooo, McFlyyyy... it's BASEBALL! I have to go down there waving my flag and root root root for my team. Yes, MY team. Team DR.

My beloved Johan Santana is playing in Toronto for Venezuela, unfortunately, because, you know, it's where he's from. But I decided I can see him play all next year at Citifield. So while I love Johan dearly, I will not be rooting for his team in the WBC.

And A-Rod. GRRRR! Only Minaya brings more bile to the back of my throat than when I think of Alex Rodriguez. Yes, he's a great ball player and humanitarian, blah blah, blah but I plumb don't like the dude (to read a more diplomatic post on A-Rod at the WBC, visit Jose Vilson's Blog). But UGH UGH UGH!!! He's decided to play for Team DR. So I have to actually clap for him when he does well. AAACK!!

Whatever, I can't let that come mierda ruin my plans... I want to go to Puerto Rico, with my babies and Papi, watch our team play in the first round, and then maybe take some pictures in Old San Juan.

I suppose the upside to that is that perhaps I'll get to meet Madonna at the stadium...

*smooches...experiencing beisbol fever in December*
So... who's coming with me?!