Wednesday, December 03, 2008

'Cause We Cool Like That

Can you believe that we had NO CAMERA in the house for Thanksgiving besides my camera phone?

I know, right?!

Well, the USPS was holding my camera hostage (long, boring story), Mari's camera decided to act a fool, and Mami had a disposable with only three shots left.

Yeah, we suck.

I got some cute shots, but thought these five were the cutest:

We're gorgeous, I know, you don't have to say it.

Anyways, on the way home I was reflecting on our tiny celebration and it sort of came to me while crammed into the 5:30PM Bolt Bus: my mom and I are not best friends. There, I said it.

We do not share deep dark secrets and she's the LAST person I turn to when in trouble because we're just not tight like that. But she's cool people- she cracks me up, she is a fountain of knowledge, can cook like no one's business and for the most part, I like her.

So forget my therapist when she tries to get into my head about our non-relationship... what's past is past. Maybe I was wounded over it at one point, but today "it is what it is" and that's that. I'm not going to dwell on it, I'm not going to point fingers, and I hold no resentment in my heart. Truly.

Mami is cool people, and she gave birth to two cool people, one of which has already given birth to two MORE cool people.

Kindred - Stars - Kindred The Family Soul

And collectively, we're the SHIT.

*smooches...imagining all the coolness that is yet to come*
everyday I find I need/want my therapist a little bit less than the day before. I really tried, folks, but maybe head shrinkage just isn't for me...