Monday, December 15, 2008

HOT. GHETTO. MESS. (Revisited)

It was awesome taking a few days off last week- four day weekends ROCK.

However, it's not like I was on the couch in a pair of spandex capris and high healed Candies eating bonbons watching John Cusack movies. Nope. I had some shit to DO.

Like, did I mention I opened my big-ass mouth and decided I wanted to host Christmas? In my lil apartment? Right. So of course, I have to clean it. And some of you are like "Okay, so what's the problem?"

THIS: the problem. Look at that shit! My room is where laundry goes to die. I'm seriously thinking that maybe the apartment isn't that small after all, it's just all this SHIT I have out and about. And don't even get me started about the calls from FEMA that I've been dodging...

I'm so disgusted with myself that I let it get that bad again. I'm telling you, man, this faux-depression has me by the throat for real because I've not been caring about the cleanliness of my apartment for a hot minute now.

But thanks to a few days off, everything is looking much better, namely about FIVE loads of laundry are off my to-do list. And while it's only made a small dent in the disaster zone that is my apartment, the April Fresh Scent that lingers in the air reminds me that slow and steady wins the race.

My apartment will be more than ready to receive guests on the 25th. Stay tuned!

Monday Musings is on like popcorn tonight, and Jack is back, baby! The topic... Child Rearing 101: Our Toddler Just Ate The Remote... And Other Issues.

Basically, we're going to try and help you get through the Terrible Two's, Three's and Four's in the little time we have. Things like discipline, potty training and all that good stuff.

You're probably wondering why I'm qualified to tell you how to handle your kids. Well let me put it like this- I have ZERO patience at all, especially when it comes to kids, but somehow my babies were not mysteriously killed in their sleep at age three. Clearly I know how to handle those little buggers, especially since mine are particularly smart, well-behaved, witty, independent and creative thinkers, so you need to listen to me. Really.

If you have a (soon-to-be) toddler that's driving you up the wall, by all means, tune in!

*smooches...excited to have Jack back on the air*
and did I mention my dear sweet babycakes is in town soon? I may have to lift my alcohol ban for just that one night...