Thursday, February 07, 2008

Hey There Number 57...

...why don't ya come up and see me sometime?

That Johan Santana has just brought sexy back to Queens, and goddammit if I'm not getting a TV and cable service just to watch my boys kick ass this year with this gorgeous new pitcher at the mound.

Oh yeah, I said it; we're going all the way. Even Santana knows it. He said he came on board 'cause he wanted to win the World Series. Damn that's cocky... ME LIKEY!!

Well, SeƱor Hottie, welcome to New York. If you need a tour of the City, or my bedroom (after I air out all the germs that have settled in there and boil all my sheets), all you need to do is ask!

*smooches...wondering where the hell is April already?!*
although I am afraid of what his super-sized contract will do to ticket prices... $137.50 MILLION dollars? the Mets front office just got JACKED! and guess who will be footing that bill?