Monday, February 25, 2008

A Bit Of Housekeeping

Hello Readers,

Just wanted to discuss the happenings over here at Jaded NYer Communications, Inc, and bring a few things to your attention.

1. I will soon be incorporating that name, so please please please don't steal it. If you love me, you won't steal it. If you don't want to die a horrible death at the hands of my local santero, don't steal it. That said, can anyone offer help, advise, etc on how to get that done quickly and in the least expensive fashion possible? Thanks!

2. From time to time, I may use this blog to vent and decide that I don't give a rat's ass what your opinions are on my vent. So I will most likely disable the comments. Don't take it personally; you know how temperamental us artists are...and you know I love you like Clinton likes getting blow jobs!

3. There's a cool new feature that Google is offering that I'm testing out... see that "Call Me" button? Well, it's so that you can CALL ME! Isn't that cool? What you do is click the button and type in your number (there is an option to keep your digits private). You will get a call on your phone from my answering service where you can leave me a voicemail. Coolness or WHAT???

Obviously this is just for people who don't have my actual phone number (i.e. Mari- don't use this feature just to annoy me, please!), or for people who'd rather leave a VOICE COMMENT. I can download the message and post it (with your permission, of course)!!!

I'm in love with Google...

4. I may go a couple of days without posting from time to time without notice over the next few weeks while I take care of some stuff on the home front. But I expect to go back to full-posting-mode by mid-March/early April.

5. I'd love to know what y'all think of my lil Jaded logo- hot or not? And before you answer that know that I designed it myself from blood, sweat and tears because I have a piece of shit Dell computer that doesn't respond well to having the shit kicked out of it. Yes, that lil bitty logo took blood, sweat and tears...that's what happens when you have a Dell...

*smooches...proud owner of my very own domain name...did you notice it?*
I wonder if this is what the Jefferson's felt like??