Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"...Try And Love One Another Right Now..."

from the DR news wire:

Border situation becoming dicey

The Dominican Armed Forces is stationing more troops on the Haitian/Dominican border due to an increase in tensions between the two countries. The heightened tensions come after a Dominican businessman, Teofilo Reyes de Aza, was seized by alleged drug traffickers while on a business trip to Haiti. According to initial reports, Reyes de Aza, a resident of Villa Gonzalez, was kidnapped while doing business in the northern Haitian city of Cap-Haitien.

The ongoing tit for tat hi-jinx at the border has included the cross-border theft of cattle and vigilante justice by citizens on both sides of the border. Army Chief Antonio Campusano told Listin Diario that more soldiers have been sent to the border with Haiti to reinforce the existing military presence, in order to prevent further violent confrontations between Dominicans and Haitians.

Hermanos, frères, please!! Can't we stop this nonsensical violence already?? How can Hispaniola ever come out from under and progress as a nation if you can't even cut out the in-fighting??

*smooches...on a mission to bring peace a mi isla*
there has to be a way to reach me out here, folks!