Friday, February 22, 2008

They Don't Have Bowling Alleys In The Hood

Last night I did the unthinkable- I let my girl Celia talk me into meeting her at Bowlmor in the City. To bowl.

I know, right?

The number of times I've actually donned those hideous (but comfy) shoes can be counted on the hand of someone missing a few fingers. Because Dominicans don't bowl. Seriously, look around the next time you go bowling and I dare you to find a Dominican!

But hey, I'm a good sport, I know how to laugh at myself, and I love my friends. So I went. And documented it all for you, of course!!

Before all the (embarrassing) fun began, I had beer, food and conversation at Bowlmor with Lani and her guy, who decided that our girly non-carnivorous food orders were beneath him and "borrowed" a burger from a nearby party.

I'd have been ravenous, too, after that heated "discussion" he had with Lani about whether or not Middle America is ready to vote Obama into the White House. They both, however, agreed that Hillary is that horrible "C" word that I'd rather not use on my site. And I suppose its that bond that allows them to fight like that and then go home and tear each other's clothes off. You can tell by the way his hand is "accidentally" on her boob in this pic:

After those crazy kids took off, I met up with Celia and her posse, and it was time to get our bowl on.

We were pumped and ready to go

And although RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX I scored a big fat ZERO, the other ladies gave the guys a run for their money.

And it was important that at least the other chicas were doing something in the lane

because these smug bastards:

...kept talking trash! I do believe I heard Elena's boyfriend say, "Oh no, even Celia is beating me!" He's lucky he didn't say that mess in the ghetto... people get cut for that mess!

And please don't be fooled by Elena's pose:

She barely beat me out, more proof that black folk just DON'T BOWL. And I'm convinced she only scored higher than me because she's half white. I'm just sayin'...

In the end, Lia managed to score the only strike of the evening (take THAT fellas!), and I, at least, managed to bowl my age.

But in my defense, we all agreed that the lane was warped or fixed or cursed! No, REALLY!!

*smooches...thinking that maybe bowling isn't that bad after all*
next time, however, I'm going to need a lot more beer...