Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Handouts From Japan And Boycotts In The Border Markets

news from DR:

Japan completes donations
National District Mayor Roberto Salcedo has received 24 garbage compactor vehicles donated to the city by several Japanese municipalities. So far, Japan has donated 30 trucks to help the National District improve its city maintenance and beautification programs. The vehicles, which have the capacity to collect between 2.5 and 5 tons of trash, were donated through the Japanese Diplomatic Promotion Society (SPJD) and will be adaptable to any neighborhood in the city.

The keys for the vehicles were handed over by Kyoto Terada, representing the SPJD. Nobutaka Shinomiya and Kiyoshi Yashimoto from the Japanese International Cooperation Agency were both present at the ceremonies. Although Japan has donated the vehicles, which cost between US$50,000 and RD$60,000, the DR had to contribute RD$16 million towards the trucks.

El Caribe writes that once the vehicles have been used for seven years, Japanese municipalities donate them to developing countries.

Bi-national boycott causes a stir
El Caribe writes that Dominican chicken and egg producers are losing RD$5 million on a daily basis since Haiti imposed a ban on Dominican chicken and egg imports. The prolonged Haitian ban has led to uproar, both in the DR and Haiti, and as a result the bi-national market was closed on Monday in protest against Haiti's ban. No word if the boycott will continue, but ripples are being felt on both sides of the border.

El Caribe reports that Haitians were turned back from the border and quotes consumer Francis Jean who asked if the authorities were going to allow them to die of hunger. Police were placed in the area of the bi-national market and Special Border Security Corps (CESFRONT) director Adriano Silverio Rodriguez commented that it wasn't so much a strike as an agreement by business owners not to partake in the bi-national market.

According to El Caribe, the bi-national market provides roughly RD$50 million in financial stimulation each week. Dajabon mayor Sonia Mateo said that although the boycott was only at the Dajabon market, it could be extended to other border towns.

Steps to please Haiti
By the end of the week the DR will have completed the four requirements set forth by Haitian President Rene Preval to revoke a Haitian ban on Dominican egg and chicken exports.

Agricultural Minister Salvador Jimenez said that technicians from the International Epizootias Organization (OI) would be in the DR on Wednesday to verify that avian flu does not exist in the DR. This is one of the requirements set forth by Haitian officials. Also, both sides have agreed to set norms for dealing with each truck that enters Haiti.

Also, fighting cocks in Higuey, where the cases of avian flu were detected, will be killed. In addition to these increased measures, the Ministry of Agriculture has announced that the chicken production sector has implemented new bio-security measures.

Dr. Enriquillo Rivas told Hoy that chicken and egg exports between both countries would resume by Friday.

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