Friday, February 08, 2008

Operation Bikini Body, Day 22: Two Inches Thinner

I don't know if it's the improved eating habits or the recent liquid non-diet that was forced upon me, but this morning my navy blue khakis were a little less snug. So I pulled out the measuring tape and *gasp* my waist is two inches smaller.

Go me, Go me, Go me, Go me!!!

As soon as I can get full movement on my neck and not feel fatigued from just getting out of bed (damn germs!!) I'm going to take this gift from the flu gods and run with it- literally! I even found my resistance band and Pilates DVD in my knitting basket (don't ask- I have NO IDEA why it was in there) and plan to start adding in some strength training with my new cardio "regime." And by regime I mean chasing N around the b-ball court yelling, "You're cheating! It's my ball. IT'S MY BALL!!!"

I always used to joke that the best way to lose weight was to go on the "Ultra IV Diet" and what that entails is getting an illness that requires at least 5 days in the hospital and being fed via IV. Trust me, it works! Back in '98 I was hospitalized twice, back to back, and had to be "fed" intravenously, and let me tell you, the pounds just disappeared! None of my clothes fit right and my baby belly was all but gone! I highly recommend it!

But back to reality: I'm happy for this loss, happy that my pants are no longer extra snug, and happy that I'm able to get out of bed without feeling like I just got off that Himalaya ride at (what used to be) Coney Island!

*smooches...Puerto Rico, here I come!!*
and I promise to post a photo of the newly recovered me as soon as I feel better, with hair combed, face washed, color in my cheeks and pep in my step :)