Tuesday, February 19, 2008

An Oasis In The City

I love Whole Foods. Especially the one on 2nd Avenue and Houston (pronounced "how-stun").

It has everything one could ever need: fresh food, a place to work, a place to chill, a supermarket, a "drug" store of sorts- everything!! I literally could live in there if they let me, but I hear that it is frowned upon.

PLUS- I get so much work done there!

As opposed to working in my apartment, which usually consists of me putting on "concerts" for my sofa (I can sing the hell out of Alicia Keys' "Wreckless Love" when no one is around), ordering spicy Thai food (mmmmm...curry puffs...) and watching bootleg movies online, then getting mad because I didn't get any work done.

I swear- unless someone is watching me I just goof off! I'm like a 13-year-old boy or something!

But there's something about Whole Foods that just helps me focus, and before I know it, all my work is finito!

*smooches...THIS CLOSE to getting a job application at Whole Foods*
and I'd like to thank Deborah for taking me to my first Whole Foods while we were doing a residency in Madison. It has totally changed my life! No, really!!