Tuesday, February 19, 2008

He's Still Alive? Well Color Me Shocked...

Is it just me, or has anyone wondered if Fidel Castro is even still breathing right now? According to Yahoo News, he just resigned as "president" of Cuba, leaving his brother Raul in charge. But has anyone really seen Fidel lately? All of his messages have been via video tape or a written release...Hmph! That's mad shady!!

And what will this exchange of power mean for Cuba? Will I finally be able to visit the island without having to execute a covert operation??

Oh- and stupid-ass President Bush was all like, [insert mocking voice here] "I hope the people of Cuba will soon know the blessings of freedom..." blah blah blah you moron. Just shut the fuck up!! Every time you speak you embarrass us!

*smooches...now wondering- Puerto Rico or Cuba in May?*
can you imagine the rip-roaring good times I could have in Cuba?? They'd better never lift that embargo or I might lose my damn mind...