Friday, June 10, 2011

Today I Will (6.10.11)

(The history behind these activities can be found here, and if you click here you will see all the previous posts I wrote on them. Thank you to Irene for having the forethought to buy me this book for blog material.)

Activity #11: Today I will volunteer to give back to my community.

First off I want to make it clear that this isn't meant to shame or out anyone for whatever they do or don't do to contribute positive "things" to society, and I also would like you all to refrain from letting your egos take over and tell us who all you give money to or volunteer time with- it's really nobody's business.

But I would like to suggest that you consider helping out a charitable organization in your neighborhood or anywhere on God's green earth (if you don't already). I joke a lot on Twitter about First World/Champagne problems, but when you really step back and look at your life sometimes it becomes so obvious that we don't have anything REAL to complain about if our neighbor went to bed hungry or can't read.

"Giving your time to a worthy cause also helps put your own problems in perspective, gives you a sense of belonging within a community, and enhances your sense of self-worth."

Just think about it.

*smooches...hoping this post counts as giving back*
I've still not been able to find some sort of charitable SOMETHING the girls and I can do so if you have any suggestions for organizations in Brooklyn that could use our help, pass it on :)