Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Learning About My Body

So last week or so I had a bit of a meltdown. I was frustrated with all the work I've been doing to get fit and the fact that it was not being reflected on the scale or in the way my clothes were fitting.

After having a short one-on-one consultation with John Quinn of Captain Quinn's Boot Camp (my latest fitness class!) I've decided to give myself one more month before I visit the doctor to see if there's an internal problem we need to, ummm, FLUSH out. In the meantime I'll just stay focused on getting through each workout.

And I guess I should admit that I have lost some inches. Not enough to fit into the clothes I was able to wear just last year, but some. And I can hold myself in a full plank position for almost twenty seconds these days before I give in to my trembling muscles. Plus I can do almost two minutes of those god-awful "burpees" without throwing up or dropping dead. And, well, I might as well tell you that I've fallen in love with Pilates, officially naming it THE Jaded workout of champions.

While I'm confessing...I have dropped out of the 190's officially (WOOHOO) and graduated to TWO protein shakes a day to feed my muscles. I did surrender to some white rice on Sunday, but it was the first time in a hot minute. Listen, I don't give a FUCK what y'all say about white rice, that shit was DELICIOUS and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Sheeeiiiittttt, I topped it with some spicy grilled shrimp and, well, I did AWFUL things to that poor plate of food.

The point is, my eating & exercising has continued on a more responsible path. And I'm slowly but surely getting used to how I look in lycra/spandex *side eye*

Still no donk, but I never had one so maybe I shouldn't be so damn greedy *sad face*

So I'm sorry if I was showing my ass with that tantrum before, but see, I'm just learning to really, truly listen to my body- go to sleep when I'm tired, drink water when I'm thirsty, feed my belly BEFORE it starts growling & eating my other organs, and, um, using the facilities when it's called for and not holding it until I get home (which of course requires I let go my OCD/phobia of public restrooms. This was not easy last week when all the water in the ladies' room at work was BROWN. BLECH.).

I'm a little more confident now that the end results will be fabulous. At least for this week.

*smooches...determined, again*
I know I'm hard-headed. just bear with me, y'all. I'll learn soon enough!