Thursday, June 02, 2011

Musical Interlude: Move Your Body

I was recently in between boot camps because, well I wanted a break from the massive attacks on my muscles and I needed to plan out all of my LivingSocial and Groupon fitness vouchers juuuust right.

So one morning I decided to try and work out on my own. Yeah, that didn't go well at all. I'm just not the kind of person that can get up and go for a run (BARF!) or go to the gym and get an effective, well-rounded workout. In fact, why should I have to think about this stuff when I can buy fitness vouchers and PAY professionals to do it for me?

Right. This is what the homies and I call #ChampagneProblems (but that's neither here nor there).

About the only thing I am guaranteed to do on my own and get a decent calorie burn going is dance. It was my first love- before books!- and I can never get enough. If you're like me and lack that desire to go out and self-direct a workout session, just clear some space in your living room and shake a tail feather or four.

Here are some tunes to get you started:

The little boy in this video, Baby Boogaloo... I wanna be him when I grow up!

Yeah, I know, Chris beat up Rihanna. But can I help it if this song makes my booty shake?

I can't remember if Amerie had any other hits right now, but whatever, this one is always a club crowd-pleaser.

Classic Janet. I wonder how many folks busted their collective asses trying that little chair trick?

I will forever and always adore this Missy song above all others. Always!

I can't have a dance mix without some Soca Jams! This one makes me "chook it" all over the place :)

Shakira's latest album is chock-full of dance tunes; this one is my favorite.

Classic merengue is good for working those obliques if you dance it just right!

Yes, I like a Don Omar song. BUSTED! (actually, I like more than one. SHHH!)

Really, though, if this song doesn't make you dance like no one is watching, there's something wrong with you!

*smooches...doing the Cabbage Patch all through your browser*
what are some of your favorite "working out" songs?