Wednesday, June 22, 2011

You Should Be...

...watching Idris Elba in "Luther" on the BBC network. Talk about your well-written, heart-attack-inducing police drama!! Oh, and Mr. Elba's eye candy status hurts their ratings NONE. You can catch Season 1 on Netflix and Season 2 Tuesdays on the UK (it'll be in America in October. But if you're crafty you can watch it now).

...reading more graphic novels, and I don't mean mangas or futuristic zombie tales, either. There are some really good stories out there laid out as comics that provide you with mental and visual stimulation. My recommendations are "Maus," "Y, The Last Man" and "The Sons of Liberty." I just borrowed "American Born Chinese" and "Poseurs" from the library today and they look interesting, too!

...signing up for the Bed-Stuy Farm Share to get you some fresh veggies, fruits and eggs. There's a sliding scale cost so don't think you're too broke for it, and hey- maybe you and a neighbor can SHARE a SHARE and it'll lower the cost even more! Think about it.

...listening to more Beres Hammond on a daily basis. Between his music and some classic Bob Marley, I have a fighting chance against the Bluesy-Blues during Shark Week**

...enjoying more time away from the internets and social media. It has all but ruined my life; I'd hate to see the same happen to you. As soon as you finish reading this go to a window OR just go right outside and let the sun- or moonlight hit your face. Say hello to Mother Nature. Give her a hug and kiss. Apologize for staying away so long and promise that you'll visit more often!

*smooches...glad for the summer, whatever it may bring*
**as of this moment, PMS Week has been renamed "Shark Week" #getfamiliar