Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dear Rep. Pete DeGraaf (R-Kansas),

I'm sure this isn't the first letter of its kind you've received since making the comment that, and I'm paraphrasing, "women should prepare for rape-pregnancy with abortion-only insurance same as one would prepare for accidental death with life insurance or for a flat tire by keeping a spare in the trunk." Did I get that right? I'm sure I did because I read the article quoting your insensitive remarks about four times to make sure I'd read it correctly.

Much to my dismay, yes, you did equate being violated and assaulted to getting a flat tire. And I'm trying to figure out if it's that you hate women or the power we have to create life (or not)? Is that what propels you to have the audacity to think YOU and others of your ilk should be in charge of MY reproductive organs?

But I'm getting off point. I'm not here to debate whether it's right or wrong for women to have abortions because that will get us nowhere. You're clearly against them and I'm clearly pro-choice. I would just like to know who hurt you in your life so badly that you could be so flippant about the traumatic after-effects of a rape?

What will it take for you and your cohorts to see that, in your mad rush to shove your patriarchal, archaic and chauvinistic agendas down the throats of American women, you are doing them a great disservice? You're all so focused on how to circumvent Roe vs. Wade that you'd spit on a rape victim's feelings to get your way? You'd deny a poor woman medical attention just to get your way?

This stopped being about abortion a long time ago. Admit it. Now it's about control and how to get most of it in your corner. The thing is, Rep. DeGraaf, while you're all playing politics with our collective uterus, we're suffering, we're dying and we're losing faith in our government. If that was your goal all along then let me be the first to applaud you. You're well on your way to victory.

Raquel I. Penzo
American Citizen
Supporter of Women's Rights
Registered Voter