Monday, May 09, 2011

36 Soon Come: How Jaded Got Her Health Back, Pt.2 - Working Out

You can read Pt.1 HERE.

In January I signed up for Groupon, a service that emails you daily deals in your area for everything and anything: food, clothes, etc. One deal that came up- 10 Boot Camp classes in Brooklyn for $39- could not be beat. Those classes are usually about $20 to $25 a piece! So ballsy me went for it. Now mind you, I didn’t start the classes until April but whatever, I’m doing it.

My first class took a lot of guts on my part, which lucky for me I HAD. Because I was 197lbs! I was nervous about getting injured. Or everyone in the class being better, faster, stronger than me. Mostly, I was afraid I'd quit after the first class (that's my track record, you know.). But although that first class kicked my ass from here to next Christmas, I completed it and seven others after it (I have 2 more classes to go as of this post... before I purchase another month!)

Still... Ummm, it’s hard work, yo! I leave each class feeling as if someone ran me over (and over) with a big ol’ truck, and by 3pm I just want to go home and sleep until the 5th of forever. And on Saturday, Jesus be a Jacuzzi, I had to run across the Manhattan Bridge and back. I mean, I mostly fast-walked it but still!

I also began these Thursday night Socacize classes, you know, because I'm so freakin' obsessed with soca music and all and let me tell you: in case I didn't know it before I know it now- I'm out of shape. So out of shape, in fact that I can barely wine my waist. A simple dance move and I can't do it. Why? Because there's too much "waist" in my waist.

But here's the thing I've noticed that's made this attempt at getting healthy different from every other half-assed attempt I've made in my adult life. I dread getting up for boot camp but once I'm up and out of the house I just decide to do what I have to do. It has become a competition for me- see what I can get my body to do today! And that failed attempt across the Manhattan Bridge? Oh, you'd best believe that shit didn't sit well with me. I must conquer it. I AM BADDER THAN THAT FUCKING BRIDGE! I don't have any intention or desire to become a runner, but I will do just enough to get across that bridge and back!

And because I'm already seeing some results in just ONE month (a- I can do more [modified push-ups than I ever thought possible AND b- I can get half of the way down in soca class!) I don't want to stop. I want another month of boot camp. I want to add in some Zumba classes. I want to go swimming once it warms up. And I have 10 Pilates classes bought and ready for me to use. Because I started out with this:

and I'm already at this:

Shit just got real, folks. There's no going back. I want to be able to party without taking a breather. I want to eat Buffalo wings without the guilt. I don't EVER want to walk into another Lane Bryant store again!!

And I guess it just clicked in my head one day that the only way I'm going to get those things is to put in real work, and not by starving myself like some Becky from a really bad after school special.

*smooches...dreaming of my stronger body every night*
I can already feel it happening :)