Friday, May 13, 2011

36 Soon Come: Things Only A True NYer Knows

Let's overlook the fact that I don't consider you a REAL NYer unless you were born and/or raised here. I'm gonna sweep that under the rug on this beautiful Friday the 13th and give you a pass if you, like us REAL CITIZENS OF GOTHAM, know 95% of the following:

1- Where to get the best street meat. And no, I don't mean prostitutes! I mean, if you can tell me on which corner I can find a delicious food cart for whatever craving I'm having that day, you're a REAL NYer.

2- When the train is approaching the station. Us REAL NYers don't need all this fancy-schmancy electronic signs all over the place to tell us when a train is coming. We KNOW.

3- Which train car to be in. Each station let's you out in at least four different places. REAL NYers know which exit best suits their needs.

4- How to get a cab/regardless of race, date and time. There are tricks to getting home in a yellow cab. REAL NYers know them all.

5- Where NY celebs live. It's no secret, especially in today's digital media age. The thing is, us REAL NYers don't care. So what if TV Star X shops at the same Zabar's we do? And? We ain't got time...

* you more reasons why WE'RE so cool*
...and you're not! lol