Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"There's Never Been An Endeavor So Strange As Trying To Slow The Blood In My Veins"

Disclaimer: I don't anyone to freak out when you read this... take a deep breath and know that everything is better now and that although I was at the brink, on the ledge and all that, I never took it there, and probably never REALLY intended it. OK? Ready? Remember, don't freak out... if you do then I won't feel right telling you anything ever again. OK? Promise? OK...

I recently let my mind go to a place that I swore I'd never let it go, but thankfully I came to my senses.

I couldn't find the words (ME, the WRITER, couldn't find the WORDS) to re-tell the tale as it happened because The Voices- you know, the ones with the REAL talent- kept turning it into a creative piece, embellishing it at every turn, so I decided to not fight the power or the creative brain.

So if you want to read the semi-autobiographical tale of my dance with the devil (meaning it's not 100% accurate) you can click here for my creative writing blog and check it out.

But remember, you promised NOT to freak out.

*smooches...happy for the music and musicians that bring me back to life*
especially ani... I swear she has a song for everything that ails me. she is MY Michael Jackson, for real...