Monday, July 06, 2009

"There Was Nothing In The World That I Ever Wanted More"

Oy vey, what a weekend! Not the usual alcohol soaked debauchery, but rather the cleaning and cooking and yard work that will now forever be tied to family gatherings because Mami bought a house. Not that I'm really complaining because I love the house and she deserves it, but OUCH! No one told me that trimming the fucking hedges was like a goddamn biceps & triceps workout, and I hate you all for keeping this bit of information from me.

But that's neither here nor there. YES, we had fun and I love family gatherings, but I wanted to touch upon something today that occurred to me this weekend as I played my iPod to accompany me on the household chore quest.

I tie music in to many memories, as I'm sure a lot of us do. Hell, this blog was named after the lyrics to one of my favorite singer/songwriters. But I also noticed that after a while, what the song used to mean to me and the memory it was attached to has lost all meaning.

Shortly after THE BREAK UP HEARD AROUND THE WORLD, I could not listen to Sean Paul's "I'm Still In Love With You" without falling into a fit of tears. And even after I accepted the break up I'd hear the song and get misty.

But a funny thing happened on my way to mop the bathroom floor and the song began to play: I was no longer taken back to the spring of 2006 when all my free time was set aside for him. Instead, I was reminded that I really, really, really want to learn the choreography from the video and now that Mami has a house with ample space and no downstairs neighbors to annoy, I can. And then one of The Voices was all, "Remember when this song used to make you think of D?" and all the other Voices stomped her ass to the ground (there might be a video of the ass-whooping on YouTube; I'm not sure).

Other songs began to mean different things to me, too: Juan Luis Guerra's "Si Tu Te Vas" no longer took me back to DR circa 1985 but rather to MSG just last year when I heard him sing that shit live and it was AWESOME. And Prince's "Adore" no longer tugged at me as the song I was s'posed to use at my wedding to a man I didn't even adore; it is now just a sexy ass song that only Prince can pull off, even in my wildest fantasies.

I call that shit progress.

See what happens when you evict Depression?

*smooches...trying to create the illusion that I have enough booty for windin'*
while simultaneously letting go of a lot of shit that I don't have the energy to carry on my shoulders anymore...