Friday, July 03, 2009

"Darling In You I Found Strength Where I Was Torn Down"

Tomorrow is America's Independence Day, but I think, as I chill in Mami's back yard surrounded by friends and family and New Jersey suburbia, I will declare it MY independence day from Depression.

I don't mind The Voices; those bitchez have been here since I don't even know when.

But Depression? Nah, heifer, you gots to go. No more room at the inn. Don't let the doorknob hit ya where the good lord split ya. For real.

READERS: "And just how do you intend to just up and evict Depression, Raquel, when so many others have had to seek the help of medical professionals and pharmaceuticals?"

BITCH are you NEW? I say who gets to stay and who gets to go up in this piece. And Depression has NOT been pulling its own weight around here and some of The Voices are starting to complain. The bitch just HAS TO go.

And now that Madame Sunshine is back, I think it's the perfect time to do so.

Well, that and all the love, blessings, motivation and inspiration I've gotten lately from friends, family and the internets kinda gave me the shove in the right direction that I needed.

Don't get a big head about it n shit.

Youre All I Need To Get By - Marvin Gaye

*smooches...handing out big e-hugs like goody bags*
now don't you guys eat too much this weekend; I expect to see y'all out on the beach w/me on Wednesdays & Fridays n shit, you know, 'cause I ain't got no job no mo'