Friday, July 10, 2009

"A Place Where I Can Find Happiness"

It's BEACH DAY... by the time many of you read this I will already be roasting in the sun, soaking in some much needed color so that my kid can stop calling me "white" and "yellow" and all variations of non-brown.

My love affair with the beach and the sun and the shore is in my blood; I may have been born on THIS island, but that OTHER island calls to me all the time. With it's clear waters, clean sand, fresh seafood, guava trees.

Me llama todos los dias con una bella cancion romantica...

I pray for the day when DR gets it's electricity issues sorted out. I will give NYC the DEUCES so fast, y'all don't even know.

Deseo cubrirme en la sabana de mi isla, mi Quisqueya, mi refugio del mundo...

This summer, my one goal (besides ensuring that I can pay my bills and all that) is to go to DR. Even if it's by myself. I need it so bad I can taste it. I need to be there, be peaceful, be doted on, be near Grandma, dip my feet in my waters, lay on my sand, eat my fresh seafood and pick guavas off my tree.

Uno de estos días me voy y nadie sabrá hasta que ya he desaparecido...

That's the only thing I can see right now; fuck everything else. I want to go home.

*smooches...looking at flights everyday like a fiend*
in the meantime, NYC area beaches will have to suffice. enjoy your weekend!