Tuesday, July 07, 2009

"Imagination...Life Is Your Creation"

This is my first real week as a full time freelancer and I have to say, despite the fact that my usual $2.50 paycheck is now $1.25, I'm really enjoying the free time.

I have time to meditate on my sofa in the morning at my leisure, as opposed to rushing out the door and attempting it on the subway. I can have breakfast, have a nice shower, check in with my internet friends via Twitter, read all the blogs in my Goggle Reader... it's nice.

I even had time yesterday to catch up with two of the lovely NYC Blogging Ladies, Eb the Celeb and ShellyShell- on a Monday! Isn't that just the coolest?

The shock of losing my steady income was pretty brutal but lets be honest, folks- I LOATHED (and still do) that office and was looking for a way out. So I quickly shook it off and just rolled with it. YES the student loan people are not going to be happy with this new development but you know what? Fuck 'em; they shoulda never loaned me that bitch ass amount of money in the first place!

So this first week I think I'm going to, not only secure additional freelance gigs to contribute to the rent fund at Casa Penzo, but also take advantage of this beautiful weather in this beautiful city with some beautiful people.

And the best part is I can do all of that with what's leftover of my $1.25 paycheck, 'cause my Mami gave me an unlimited MetroCard. I know you're jealous...

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*smooches...eating salad all week to prep for Beach Day*
oh yes, bitchezzz! I bought a suit, I got my shades, towel, sunscreen and if Mr. Golden Sun will honor us with his presence on Friday, I've promised to head on out and worship him. I cannot wait to get some color in my cheeks- both of them- again!