Monday, June 01, 2009

This Summer Has The Potential To Be Great

Especially since 2009 has proven to be full of shit up to date, with the exception of a handful of fun times.

I spent the weekend at Mami's again, half working/half loafing...100% loving it.

My Twitter followers know that part of this is due to her Verizon FiOS hook-up, which, by the way, is freakin AWESOME! (Seriously, Verizon, you need more spokespeople? Call me, I got you... and PS- when you coming w/the FiOS to Greenwood Heights, son?!? As ShellyShell would say: I need it in my life!)

But besides that, my mom's house is just so peaceful, even with the crazy Polish/Greek/Mexican neighbors who had some sort of family reunion party complete with loud ass music until almost midnight (just wait until WE have our parties... they don't know from noise!).

I mean there was crap everywhere and Mami & I are in this back and forth over how much G-D furniture she's trying to cram into this house, but I know in the end everything will be beautiful and I'm so excited about that.

And the yard & lawn need some serious TLC, the likes of which we don't know how to give, but that's nothing a hose or watering can or sprinkler system can't remedy. Plus, I eventually need to overcome my fear of her lawn mower because it's starting to look like Jurassic Park back there.

AND lets not forget the pool! I do believe that will be priority ONE once school's out, and even though it's not heated I'm so looking forward to it that it's not even funny.

But enough about this house, though. I love it there and it's the perfect weekend retreat from the beautiful chaos that is NYC, but this summer is just burgeoning with greatness just waiting for me to grab at it.

Like getting a new gig or getting published. Getting back to my fitness goals and having loads of quality face time with the babies that don't involve the words "did you finish your homework?" Graduation at FDU (hopefully I can show my face on campus with a completed thesis in hand... I can sort of feel my motivation creeping in) and a handful of exciting side projects I have for myself.

Then there are METS games at Citifield, the free concerts throughout NYC, outdoor film screenings at dusk, Dominican Night at the NY International Film Festival, kayaking in BK and, finances willing, a trip home to see my family and finally have that heart to heart with Grandma I've been putting off for a decade.

Finally, and I'm only writing this because if I don't one of the NYC Bloggers will call me on it, there's the potential to end my "Men Ain't Shit" campaign, courtesy of one really nice man, pending further approval from all The Voices. So far Clem is the only one who is over the moon, but I think she's on a mission to secure a majority vote from the others. And that's all I'm gonna say about that.

*smooches...hoping all our fabulous summer plans see the light of day*
although life does have a way of throwing us curve balls... let's just hope we're good at hitting those suckers out of the park, OK?